Unveiling the Odyssey: Luke Beling’s New Single and Debut Album ‘A Stone in the Mouth of the Ocean

Luke Beling, a revered folk artist hailing from South Africa, is on the cusp of introducing his inaugural album titled “A Stone in the Mouth of the Ocean.” The album’s anticipated release date is set for October 2023, and preceding this unveiling are four distinct singles. The foremost single, which shares the same evocative title as the album, acts as a thematic prelude to the array of songs within. This track delves deep into the odyssey of reconciling our inherent human fragility while embarking on a quest for significance within the vast expanse of the universe we call home.

Influenced by the rich musical tapestry of the 1960s and 1970s, singer-songwriter Luke Beling’s artistic journey has been profoundly shaped by the melodies woven by his father’s records, as well as the profound struggles of his native land.

Krister Axel, a notable voice from CHILLFILTR, eloquently characterizes Beling’s musical creations as an elegant fusion of acoustic folk laced with a pop-friendly sensibility. These compositions are interwoven with threads of spirituality and profound insight, creating a harmonious blend that resonates deeply.

At the core of Beling’s artistic conviction lies the desire to infuse his music with the full spectrum of human experience – from the marvels to the hardships that life encompasses. Drawing inspiration from his global voyages, he weaves his folk melodies into a vessel for sharing authentic narratives with his audience.

In a synchronicity that aligns seamlessly with the album’s debut, Luke Beling has recently entered into an exclusive partnership with Think Music Group, marking a significant step in his journey. This collaboration will facilitate the representation and licensing of his album, “A Stone in the Mouth of the Ocean.”

Additionally, the album’s launch will be accompanied by a quartet of lyric videos, each thoughtfully crafted to complement the essence of the individual singles. These visual offerings will provide an enriched and immersive experience for the listeners as they delve into Luke Beling’s musical tapestry.








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