EP of the Week: Luca Draccar’s ‘LECLIPSE

Introducing ‘LECLIPSE,‘ the captivating EP from the renowned music producer Luca Draccar, emerging from the vibrant music scene of Berlin. Luca Draccar, with Italian roots and Berlin as his creative nucleus, delves deep into luminous techno and exotic, dark rhythms. He is celebrated for his multifaceted talents, captivating audiences with his unique approach to electronic music production.

Much like the irresistible allure of a solar eclipse, Luca Draccar’s ‘LECLIPSE’ takes listeners on a cosmic dance between the sun and the moon. This dance is painted with the vivid strokes of music amidst intense and tempestuous atmospheres reminiscent of enigmatic nocturnal owls dancing under the influence of acid.

Luca Draccar’s passion for music production ignited during his youth when he encountered his first Macintosh computer. His compositions draw extensively from life experiences and emotions, resulting in authentic music that forges a deep emotional connection with the audience.

‘LECLIPSE,’ Luca Draccar’s scintillating new EP, solidifies his standing as one of the foremost and most prolific EDM artists in the 2023 techno scene. This EP plunges into the depths of potent, dark, and enigmatic techno, offering a distinctive musical vision. Luca Draccar firmly establishes himself as a master of this genre, crafting mesmerizing sonic landscapes across the EP’s three tracks: ‘Ready to Loose Control,’ ‘Flying Satellites,’ and ‘I Can Stop.’

Now, let’s delve into the tracks: ‘Ready to Loose Control’ boasts a potent techno foundation that captivates and empowers. It features dreamy, cinematic soundscapes and robust vocals, delivering a fusion of goth, darkwave, and contemporary techno vibes. ‘Flying Satellites’ embarks on a majestic journey with a pulsating rhythmic core, transporting listeners to a realm of techno grandeur. The final track, ‘I Can Stop,’ is a cinematic, enigmatic, and melodious masterpiece that weaves a dreamy narrative, leaving an indelible mark.

In summary, Luca Draccar’s ‘LECLIPSE’ EP marks a triumphant return as he continues to reign supreme in the techno arena. His hypnotic rhythms and dreamlike melodies captivate and enthrall. Luca Draccar remains an artist whose sonic exploration knows no bounds, and this exciting EP is now available for all to experience.










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