UK Music Times previews dance single I As A Man by Mikejab

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 17.02.28Michael Benjamin is a British Nigerian singer-songwriter, musician and producer, known for his music as Mikejab, who has released a new dance single ‘I As A Man’.

To date Mikejab has worked across a wide variety of musical genres with many different artists.

Michael started out as the lead singer in youth group, The Black Berets and then returned to concentrate on his school education.

As a sound engineer, Mikejab has mixed and mastered many popular dance tracks in both Europe and Nigeria.

Mikejab is known in the dance music community as the creator of a new music genre called AfroDance incorporating dance music and African percussive and rhythmic sounds.

Mikejab has established a strong Internet presence via video, sound and radio online media, social media and his own website and these have won him followers across the world as an indie artist.

The new dance single I As a Man is out now on ZX Records and was recorded at XZ studios in Reading, UK.







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