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WaveDweller_WIWTWave Dweller, or Mark Newton based in Earlswood in Surrey, has just released a studio album ‘Wish I Were There’ with a single release ‘Summer’s Day’, now available on iTunes.


Wave Dweller’s music is created using a pair of Technics turntables, MIDI keyboard, audio creation platforms and mixing software. The nostalgic nature of the music conveys deep thinking.

Mark started creating electronic music aged 15 in 1998. He says: “I would use programs like Dance eJay and Music Maker to create house and hip hop loops. At this time I would record under my own name, and produced music for myself to listen to, and to impress family and friends.”

Sound Waves

Music became Mark’s passion, and from 2006 he started producing work as Wave Dweller, which stems from ‘cave dweller’ as someone who dwells in sound waves rather than caves.

As a teenager, Mark became enchanted and intrigued by his main influences including: The Avalanches, DJ Premier, J Dilla, Fatboy Slim, Mr Scruff and Lemon Jelly. Mark says this is because, “they can take a long forgotten melody, sprinkle it with jazz and soul, and add a punchy beat to transform it into something new for the modern era”.


Mark to want to know how electronic music worked and therefore made the progression from inspired listener to producer.

In 2008 a Wave Dweller hip hop instrumental was featured on Suspect Packages Radio, the UK’s largest distributors of hip hop music.
This was followed by his first release in 2009, when UK based Lakeland Records included Wave Dweller’s ‘Work Play Relay’ on their ‘Chapter Promo CD 04’ compilation.

‘Switchcraft’ was Wave Dweller’s independent debut album release in 2012, and this was advertised in DJ Magazine.

Now Wave Dweller releases album “Wish I Were There” with debut single “Summer’s Day” on his own record label.

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Wave Dweller – Wish I Were There
Produced by: Wave Dweller
Mastered by: Medway Studios
Record label: Wave Dweller Music
Release date: 24/08/2015








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