Exclusive interview with Cybele

What are some of your musical achievements ?

I was fortunate enough to have performed on CCTV, the National Chinese Television Network, for their New Year’s Special which had over 800 MN viewers and singing for the 2014 “It’s Beautiful” Coca Cola Super Bowl Commercial for which I was chosen to sing the Mandarin rendition of “America the Beautiful”. For me, performing at legendary venues where great legends have sung before has been very special. For example, I have sung at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, the renowned Avalon in Hollywood, the Clive Davis Theater at the Grammy Museum, LA Staples Center and MSG/Westchester. I have opened for the L.A. Breast Cancer awareness walk at L.A. Live and I recently won Grand Prize for a songwriting competition sponsored by the Robert F Kennedy and the Grammy Museum for a song I wrote about black oppression in the United States. For my singing at numerous local charities, I have been recognized three times to receive a District of Los Angeles Certification for Outstanding Achievement and contribution to the Community. As I am very passionate about making an impact on my community and the greater society at large, this recognition has meant a lot to me.

If you could collaborate with any artist who would you choose ?

If I could collaborate with any artist, I would choose to work with Beyoncé Giselle Knowles. I find her the most-well rounded artist of our generation and I admire how she can (seemingly) effortlessly transition from any genre to another. She has been recognized as the Michael Jackson of our generation (talent and impact-wise). I have spent the most time attempting to analyze and break down every aspect of her production, especially her vocal production, diving into the isolated harmonies of her songs, deconstructing the meaning behind the lyrics, the imagery in her music videos, the significance of her sampling, and the homages made to her personal influences. She has made me more open-minded to new genres with her experimentalist take on her sound and I think back to her every time I need motivation. In the industry, she has won many accolades for her professionalism and her work ethic, and I think that by working with her, I would learn firsthand how her influence impacts those around her and I know for certain that I would learn a lot just by collaborating on a studio session with her.

What’s been the reaction from those hearing “Anything” ?

The reaction from those hearing “Anything” has been overwhelmingly positive. Many people on social media have been contacting me and telling me how much joy the song as brought them. Others who have known me longer constantly remind me how proud they are of my musical growth and sound. Sometimes I’ll go somewhere and then someone will randomly start playing the song. I’ve been very fortunate to have received so much love for releasing the song as the message behind it is so important. Releasing the single has demonstrated to me the power that music has on others and how just three minutes of a tune can completely shift one’s mood and perception.

What do you hope people take away from your live performances ?

I hope people feel empowered after my live performances. I abide by the fundamental belief that the greatest thing you can achieve during your time on earth is to share your gift with others whether it be big or small, and devote your entirety to pursuing your craft/ talent. I hope that my performances inspire others to keep chasing after their goals in life and I hope they ponder how they can make a meaningful and lasting impact on others with the gifts that they have to offer to the world, especially for youth. I hope children feel that their dreams are valid no matter where they come from, and no matter what race they are. I hope my performances can help those in need find some escape from their day-to-day lives. I know that when I go to a music concert and I witness a singer giving their all to performing and hyping up the crowd, I forget some of the trivial stresses of life. I am able to let loose and simply enjoy the moment because I know how fleeting pure joy can be.

Any new music updates you like to share ?

I am in a show choir and we recently went to Ohio for a National Competition. To prepare, we rehearsed every morning, and also had many evenint and all-weekend rehearsals, and while at the competition, many of my teammates lost their voices, strained their muscles, and even had pinched nerves. Despite this, we persevered and won the Grand Champion title. Even though we won by only a few points, I am very proud of what we could achieve through teamwork. This year I plan to work on releasing an EP and continuing to broaden my skill set and my musical achievements. So far, I am grateful for all my fans and the work those behind me have put in. My family has provided me with unwavering support and they have devoted so much time, energy and resources in helping me to reach my dreams. I don’t take any of that for granted and I will continue to strive for greatness in my craft and in my goals to make a difference.

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