Eric Abel drops new single ‘Two Young Kids’

Eric Abel’s third released single, “Two Young Kids” is a nostalgic EDM/Pop track based on his memories of young love. Eric pieced together the elements of the song using just his piano and Logic Pro X before soliciting the expertise of platinum producer, Omito, to bring the track to the next level. The song beautifully combines the emotion of piano with the upbeat feel of a catchy drop.

Eric Abel is a young, rapidly emerging musician based out of Atlanta, Georgia. From an early age, he has been a passionate singer, and upon realization of his knack for playing piano and production in Logic Pro X, Eric began composing his own music. At just 18, he showed his ability to be vulnerable with his first official release, “2:30”, but intended to prove he was more than just a heartbreak writer with the subsequent release of “Same Words”, which reached over 80k streams without promotion.

Two Young Kids (FINAL ART)

Since, he has begun to build a dedicated fanbase and amassed a growing following across social media platforms. His drive to connect with his fans is what motivates him, and his hard work is visible with every song he puts out.


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