Classic Rock meets Glam Rock meets New Rock

Their sophomore album truly exceeded my expectations as a fan of them since before their first cd was released.
What makes this album so genuine is they didn’t stray from their core sound, which made them so successful on Everbody Wants (and Have You Heard). At the same time, Luke Spiller’s hooks make even the few blander songs on the album enjoyable. They are at their best with Fire, Bulletproof, and yeah we’ve all head Body Rocks. Ashes to me was the real gem and I only wish they added more onto that rock opus
I’ve listened to Fire and Ashes back to back over and over
People was ok, definitely more poppy ballad for them and Somebody New should be their ballad hit from the album bc it’s catchy and clicks all the boxes.
And yeah, if partnering with Kesha to redo a song you blew America away with to pull in 1 million new fans, I’m down. Bc more fans = more albums and tours in the long haul

I have to add, this album is top notch, but if you want a real treat from the struts, YouTube search: The Struts Jumping Jack Flash.
You’re welcome if you haven’t seen/heard it yet.

Great job boys. Rock ain’t dead just yet.

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