With a great fusion of R&B, pop and soul, the new video from ‘Shelly Ross’ is her ‘Masterpiece’

We live in a time when the world desperately needs some positivity and good vibrations, and luckily for us all, this next artist that wețre going to be looking at today is one of the best out there when it comes to that.

Shelly Ross is a Canadian singer-songwriter whose music shines through its catchy rhythm, as well as through its memorable tunes. And when you’ve already got a powerful winner of a song, like her latest track “Masterpiece”, on your hands, a great video can only enhance the experience. That’s what it does.

With the aid of her top-notch producer J. Product, Shelly has really outdone herself with this amazing piece, truly a masterpiece in its own right, that skilfully combines elements of R&B, pop, and soul. The video is sensual, showing Shelly in some pretty risque shots, but that’s just a tiny part of something infinitely more complex.

The song itself is beautifully melodic and just sets such a fantastic mood. Peppered with shots of her singing, as well as some lovely dance moves, the music video as a whole really matches the high standards of the song and keeps you watching, compelled. And when the video is over, there’s nothing for you to do but hit that Play Again button, because Shelly Ross really is one of those artists you can’t get enough of.

But we mentioned good vibes… What we meant by that is that Shelly’s latest release does something super rare in this crazy world. It reminds you that creating is this beautiful process and that great things can still come about in this crazy world.

It’s because of this powerful mood that we encourage you to try and catch as much of Shelly Ross as you possibly can. Encouraged by her sponsor, De’Shean Marquill, Shelly recently appeared on the radio show L.I.D.S, which stands for Local International Detroit Scene which is under the Umbrella of (Ahead Of The Game Music Publishing LLC (BMI), and has also featured (among many others ) Super producer Kern Brantley credited for working with global icons such as Beyonce & Lady Gaga many more.

Currently, you can go check her out on YouTube as well as follow her social media, to keep an eye on this rising star.


Watch Masterpiece on Youtube

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