Warner South Africa Artist ASH releases Debut album

Warner Music South Africa recording artist ASH presents his debut album, aptly titled ASH Muzik. The album drops this Friday, 30th September at digital retail and will be available in record stores on Friday, 14th October 2016.


2016 has already seen ASH release singles Ain’t Looking For Love, featuring Buffalo Souljah and the new single Been Waiting (click to watch), both of which feature on the album.

ASH wrote and arranged all the material, with in-flavor production crew, Deceptikonz, whose beats have added to projects by AKA & Da Les.

Says ASH,  ‘It’s all real, it’s all me. The album says a lot about my ups and downs, I know everyone goes through these things in life and I’m excited to share my story with the world and hopefully inspire my fans.’

Born Ashley Michael Beyers in 1990 to a humble one-parent home, in KZN, South Africa, ASH danced his way through early life. At just 2 years old, he won his first dance competition, busting his moves to Michael Jackson, and by 16 he was on TV, dancing in various TV commercials, before moving on to the reality show, So You Think You Can Dance, where he placed Top5and Music Moves Me. Now on the cusp of releasing his debut album ASH Muzik, ASH is living his dream.

At some point, I realized I wanted to be the whole package’ – up until then singing had been my hobby, but after touring the world for 3 years as a dancer and back-up vocalist in a Michael Jackson tribute tour, I found I had something to say, I found my voice.’ Says ASH

So from playing drums in church, to dancing on TV, performing with a variety of local and international artists including Jamali, HHP and Ludacris and touring the World he is now ready to shine,  ‘I just want to get on stage as ASH now’

Temporary Lover, his first single dropped in 2015 and was ASH’s first #1 single at radio. In that year, he opened for labelmate Trey Songz on the SA leg of his world tour. Aint Looking For Love has ASH hunting for a true lady in the club. Moving a little deeper into the album, On It, is a simple beat accompanied by vocal layers, creating an intimate feel, juxtaposing what is essentially a song about bad girls. On Rosie, ASH adds a naughtly little banger flavour to the nursery rhyme, Ring-A-Rosie. Closing off the album, Been Waiting is a gritty and honest take on building a dream and the sacrifices that come with it.



‘ASH Muzik’ Tracklisting


1. Candy

2. Grinding 

3. Temporary Lover

4. Aint Looking For Love featuring Buffalo Souljah

5. Top Off 

6. Heart Beating 

7. On It 

8. Who You Playing With 

9. Hustle In The Street 

10. Touch featuring J. Prez 

11. No One Does It Better 

12. Rosie 

13. Been Waiting






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