UK Music Times with Amy Lerie’s new EP “Torn”

AmyLerieTornImageAmy Lerie is a French singer songwriter who is based in London and delivers a catchy melodic pop folk sound. She has been writing songs for seven years, since was given a guitar and played it for three hours every day.

Although born in France, Amy’s roots are from Madagascar, from where people have singing, music and rhythm in their veins.

Amy says: “Malagasy music is really rousing, using a djembe (an African percussion instrument), with lots of guitars, some maracas etc.”

Amy met her guitarist and backing vocalist Alex Arias when he listened to her songwriting via a link Amy posted to Facebook. Alex and Amy embarked on live gigs including her first appearance at a Malagasy event at currently popular venue, Proud Camden.


At Westfield Presents in White City, Amy played for an hour with her EP producer Maxime, who performs all the instruments except the lead guitar on her recordings. Next, Amy and Alex will be live at the Troubadour on 6 May 2015.

Amy’s real name is Valerie and she describes how she put together her artist name: “My first name is Valerie and my middle name is a Malagasy name which means lovely or sweet, which is Mamy. I took out the ‘M’ of Mamy and the ‘V’ and ‘a’ of Valerie and there it is: Amy Lerie.”

Amy is a big fan of country music and lists her influences as Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson.


In 2009, a friend persuaded Amy to record her songs. Her first single Torn has a lively melody with ukulele and harmonica as well as a nod to country music with some slide guitar.

The brand new E.P. produced by Maxime Raguideau out on 25 May 2015 and features the catchy and melodic single “Torn”.





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