NMT BRAND NEW: There Goes the Neighborhood – Jenny Tolman

Some artists spend decades crafting their own worlds of song, but country newcomer Jenny Tolman did it in one album. On her debut, the singer-songwriter and Nashville native (an increasingly rare bona fide, even in country music) takes us on a tour of Jennyville, a fictional small town full of big, bold characters. Songs like the Miranda Lambert-esque “High Class White Trash” offer clever takes on the complexities of small-town life, while a handful of skits interspersed throughout the LP ground the listener in Tolman’s colorful world of bright red Maybelline lipstick and “coffee cans full of cash.” On the standout track “My Welcome Mat,” Tolman picks up where Kacey Musgraves’ “Follow Your Arrow” left off and makes room for everyone both at her table and in a genre famous for its homogeneity, beckoning “friends that love the pope” and “friends that love their dope” alike. There Goes the Neighborhood is one of the year’s richest, most immersive country albums so far and signals Tolman as one of the genre’s most inventive young artists.


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