The Ubiquitous Blacks Podcast Interviewed ‘Chris Level’ On His Sync Licensing Career

The world is a fascinating place and the sync licensing industry is a more fascinating place than the world, we are going to dig deep on how Chris level’s career in the sync licensing industry is going to ulterly blossom in the few months or years to come and his interview with the ubiquitous blacks were announced his first project taking place in august. Chris level was interviewed recently with lambo xtra on his upcoming project <

Chris level in the beginning

Chris level started off soundtracking little videos from his two friends as he stated that during his interview with the ubiquitous blacks and then decided to make this a long term career in may, in the interview he stated that he has a project coming soon this august as it’s his first ever global project which is indeed global as the project has over hundreds of millions of fans already on TikTok.

Why sync licensing is not what he wanted

When he was little he wanted to be an actor but grew up more into the music side of things, and if you think we’ll, you could see the pattern here. This is something that is actually great for Chris level as it combines the music aspect to the film or scene aspect of things which therefore is perfect for Chris level as it combines the 2 very well

Does Chris level have musical influences?

During the interview he stated that when he hopped onto the sync licensing bandwagon and found out more about other sync composers and sync artists, he started taking Alan Silvestri as his musical and sync licensing influence. But other influences of him include ruger, Chris brown, hans zimmer and john powell to name a few as many sources claim.

How is the future looking for him?

He stated that he is seeing himself doing even more bigger projects in Hollywood in 5 years from now but also stated that he will fight and fight and fight again to reach that level of future success, his music skills and singing talent is not to take unserious as many people in the sync licensing industry (even those who hate him) can not deny his massive talent from the get go and according to him it seems as if the future will indeed look good for him if he continues making supernatural soundtracks and music like he does

This was the shortcut of the entire interview which was set to release in July 8th and which you can find on all major podcasting platforms, Chris level is on a tight wheel and also on something big as the future looks wide for him, you can follow his updatings on what he is working on on his linkedin: 

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