The most popular music to listen to while gambling in Las Vegas ?


For years casino owners have been scrutinizing which music would be best to tickle our receptors while playing the amazing range of games now on offer.
It’s easy to pull out the obvious gaming themed classics such as Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’, from her debut studio album ‘The Fame’ back in 2008, or Motorhead’s classic ‘Ace of Spades’ from their fourth album of the same name back in 1980. ‘The Gambler’ written by Don Schlitz and most notably recorded by country legend Kenny Rogers also generally gets a mention but the truth is that these are not the tunes we hear while indulging the slots.
As casino’s are generally beset with the sound of all manor of bells, whistles and sirens the music is an important element in restoring a relaxing balance and therefore guaranteed to be of the ‘elevator’ variety.
Easy listening instrumentals are a favourite with the lack of any edge or vocals one less thing for our minds to process leaving us free to concentrate on the matter at hand. It’s the same reason you’ll never see a clock on the wall or any direct sunlight.
Our advice is to enjoy the best sites such as from the comfort of your own home leaving you free play exactly what your heart desires be that Lady Gaga, Motorhead or Kenny Rogers. So why not get the iPod cranked up to the classic ‘Viva Las Vegas’ written in 1963 by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman and recorded by many artists, our favourite was no stranger to Las Vegas himself, Elvis Presley, the first man to secure himself a very lucrative monster residency in the city of dreams.


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