Taylor Swift’s Departure Had no Impact on Spotify

From an interview with billionaire Sean Parker, investor, board member, and key executive at Spotify.

CNN/Money: So what has Taylor Swift taught us about this industry and streaming music?  Just this week, she and Apple clashed, and she won.

Sean Parker: Taylor is a bit of an anomaly in the music industry, in the sense that she’s… she’s still able to sell a lot of downloads, she’s still able to sell in some parts of the country CDs, she has a huge fanbase, and she sort of defies gravity in the sense that very few artists have, have that kind of built-in fanbase and will continue to buy their albums.

CNN/Money: Do you want her back?

Parker: The interesting thing–

CNN/Money: — on Spotify?


“– the interesting thing in looking at the numbers, there was no evidence in looking at the data of a change in consumption or usage, when Taylor left the platform.  So even if you take out one major contemporary artist, it really doesn’t affect the overall usage.”

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