Swiss Nightlife Award DJ releases second single

Pop facts: Johnny Roxx

  • Johnny Roxx’s single Just Wanna Dance features Jessie James who put vocals over a beat Roxx had created in under two hours.
  • The production, mastering and video shoot for Just Wanna Dance was finished in two weeks while James was on a tour of Switzerland.
  • Johnny Roxx started out in 1989 as hip-hop DJ Slice before he moved on to mixing rock with house or hip hop to create the tropical sound he is known for today.
  • Already this year, Roxx has been nominated for the Swiss Nightlife Award 2014.
  • The biggest dancehall producers in Switzerland, Weedy G Soundforce introduced the Johnny Roxx beat to Jessie James.
  • The first hit single by Johnny Roxx was 2013’s Big Booty Gal.
  • Roxx produces his music with a great vocal, such as vocal sample by a Jamaican artist, to which he’ll drop the track to create his tropical feel.
  • Johnny’s own listening and inspiration include Iron Maiden, Bob Marley and the stylings of Diplo.
  • Just Wanna Dance features four mixes, including house from Handbandits and a mix by Doobious.
  • Roxx’s second single release is out on 17 February.

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