Singer/songwriter Federico Carro releases new single “Lovely Storm” and album “ Come un Lampo”.

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Singer/songwriter Federico Carro was Born in La Spezia, Italy and grew up up in Vernazza where his future works were inspired by nature and painting beautiful landscapes.

Federico attended the School of Arts Cardarelli in La Spezia, where his penchant for the arts lead to him writing the draft to his first book “Il segreto del verziere”.

Federico was inpired by a stroll around Florence with a beautiful woman and composed a poem that lead to his first song entitled “Thank you for your time”.

Federico became inspired and influenced by artists like Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston as well as Latin Pop, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and Shakira.

Through his passion for music Federico became a Michael Jackson tribute artist and took dancing lessons at Hip–Hop in the Dancing Project Center , La Spezia.

Federico also started taking piano and vocal lessons and one day after meeting a beautiful woman and on his way back from a piano lesson, observing the sea surrounding the village of Portovenere in Liguria, a very melodic and catchy refrain came to his mind. He recorded it on his cell phone and hit the studio to produce his new single “Lovely Storm”.

While still writing his novel “Il segreto del verziere”, Federico formed a Jazz, Blues and Bossanova band with a friend who played the saxophone and worked on his solo album “Come un Lampo”.

The album was recorded in a local independent recording studio in Carrara called Nautilus Rec Studio. Thanks to the help and support of various collaborators, Federico completed the album and called it “Come un lampo”, in loving memory of a departed childhood friend.

Federico completed his book “Il segreto del verziere” and has now launched the music video for the brand new single “Lovely storm”. He also produced a promo video for his book, using the mysterious places and recesses that surround Vernazza.

The album “ Come un Lampo” featuring the single “Lovely Storm” is out now worldwide


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