ROC FLOWERS originally from Prato, Italy releases ‘Celestity’

ROC FLOWERS is a twenty-one-year-old artist originally from Prato, Italy. Growing up he moved all around the world living from Chicago to Casablanca and from Greensboro, North Carolina to Madrid, Spain. An artist that speaks four languages fluently with a soul, hip-hop and modern jazz influence. In his young career as an artist, he has collaborated with Fabrizio Bosso, Antonio, Farao’, Dirotta su Cuba, Sonny King, Mario Rosini, Riccardo Onori, etc. under the name of Pablo Nannucci. His talent for songwriting and producing pushed him to put together his debut album “Always Searching for Freedom”.

He put together the album before his 21st birthday, the album was written and put together at home during the COVID-19 pandemic ventures into existentialism, heartbreak, and the search for peace humanity longs for.

The album was an idea that was born after ROC FLOWERS met Stefano de Donato, the two found great chemistry together working in the studio and co-produced the album together spending three months working together at De Donato’s home studio in Florence, Italy.

Celestity is a song about a celestial being related to the divine feminine energy of a woman. It is a song with abstract lyrics that dwells into the spiritual side of love and passion. The song was written in about twenty minutes, I believe when inspiration comes one must follow it and go with the flow of the soul.


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