‘Red Devil Vortex’ Releases ‘Psycho’ Music Video

It’s not often that a band comes along and makes massive impacts with its first single alone – but this was something that Red Devil Vortex achieved when they originally launched their first single in 2018. To this day, the EP, Something Has to Die, has achieved over 360,000 streams on Spotify alone; meanwhile, the band’s total streams across all songs number at over 600,000.

The early success of the Red Devil Vortex band was, however, stalled due to the loss of their close friend and producer, Augustus, in 2020. This very nearly spelled the end for the band, but founder and lead singer, Gabriel Connor, was determined to keep the band going for the memory of his friend. As such, though the band had lost its guitarist and drummer, he worked tirelessly to find someone who could offer a new sound that would help propel the band to its previous success – and, eventually, he found that someone in Luis Kalil. The role of drummer was taken over by Eduardo Baldo, who contributes a powerful sound overall. Both Baldo and Kalil have worked with countless big names during their careers, and their talents will undoubtedly help keep the band alive looking ahead.

In February 2022, Dark Secrets – which had begun work prior to Augustus’ death – was finally released, to great success. With this in mind, it seems apparent that Red Devil Vortex will continue to achieve ever-greater heights with their future endeavors, and we wish them all the best with their career as a result.

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