Reclaiming rock and roll with explosive sounds and spectacular stories, ‘The Weadon Boys’ unleash the powerful ‘Life Is War’

Add this to your playlist! The Weadon Boys have just released a hot new EP “Life Is War” and they are reclaiming rock and roll with explosive sounds and spectacular stories.

Tim Corcoran and Mark Obitz make up this creative duo who have been writing and recording together for the past two years.

A focus single “City Of Angels” from the EP comes with an official music video which has been picking up speed on Youtube with over 100k views in one week.

This electric video, directed by Jen Rosenstein highlights a raw, gritty and down-to-earth stroll around Los Angeles with a full blown party in tow.

With brilliant writing, superb vocals and music that draws a real connection, The Weadon Boys are without question a new and noteworthy act you should be listening to.



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