Plastic Martyr Makes History with "Love in the Dark"

Plastic Martyr may be best known for her role on Amazon’s original series Transparent and her appearances on Little Women LA, but the model turned reality star is now making history with her music.

Plastic recently made history by being the first female transgender recording artist to work with Capitol Music Group on her single “Love in the Dark.” History continued to be made as her single was featured on the home page of iTunes.

Plastic Martyr’s brand new single, “Love in the Dark” can best be described as dark pop.  She wrote the song after becoming frustrated with her exes.

plastic Matryr

She says, “Love in the Dark was inspired by all of the assholes that I previously dated. They objectified me and degraded me by always keeping me in the dark. The message that as being sent to me was that I’m good enough to sleep with, but not good enough to love and no woman should ever have to feel that way, especially after being so vulnerable.”

She hopes the song can let others who go through similar experience know that they are not alone, and also act as a wake-up call for anyone out there who thinks it is okay to keep their significant others in the dark.
“Love in the Dark” is available on all streaming platforms.


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