Patrick & Leanne Radiate Authenticity and Artistic Brilliance with new release ‘Poem in Three’ (Make Me Your Love Song).

PATRICK & LEANNE have unfurled an audaciously captivating sonic story “Poem in Three (Make Me Your Love Song).” This song is inspired by the lyrical brilliance of poet and author PEGGY SCHIMMELMAN, transformed into an epic-yet-intimate musical opus by the dynamic duo. The song encapsulates you in a warmth akin to a familiar, comforting embrace.

From the very beginning we are serenaded by an entrancing acoustic guitar motif augmented by an eloquent slide guitar, weaving a tapestry of sound that resonates with both novelty and nostalgia. The Celtic indie-folk undertones glimmer throughout, punctuated by the majestic arrival of a masterful fiddle solo.

Leanne’s vocals serve as a conduit of magic in this track; effortlessly soaring amidst a sparkling sonic landscape. Her tone, a harmonious marriage of heart and soul, beautifully dovetails with the song’s intricate lyrical narrative. The lyrics, peppered with clever musical allusions to music theory and great composers, add a further layer of sophistication and charm to the composition. Leanne’s vocal rendition breathes life into these words, making each line pulse with audible vibrancy.

But it’s the palpable synergy between PATRICK & LEANNE that truly distinguishes “Poem in Three (Make Me Your Love Song).” Their individual artistic prowess merge seamlessly, crafting an entrancing performance.

”Poem in Three (Make Me Your Love Song)” is bound to become a timeless classic. With a future as luminous as their music, PATRICK & LEANNE are on track to etch their indelible mark on the music industry and resonate with innumerable hearts for generations to come.




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