New album ‘Vanity Before Wyze’ from ‘Vanity Wyze’ is about becoming a wiser person.

Vanity Wyze was born in Greensboro, NC. At the age of 5, he moved to New Jersey then returned down south to North Carolina. Spending time in both environments gave him the opportunity to experience a wide range of musical influences that would help mold his sound and style. His musical journey began early with just a hand held recorder rapping and recording verses to share with his family. That spark would soon grow into a flame getting his own software teaching himself to engineer his own songs. Vanity Wyze exploded onto the hip-hop scene with his track ‘I Won’t Miss’ (feat. Sonny King) in recent years. It went on to become a seminal soundtrack feature on NBA 2K, and the music behind the James Harden highlight film of 2021.

Not one to stop and smell the roses, Vanity Wyze quickly follows up with his full-length LP. Both lyrically and musically powerful, ‘Vanity Before Wyze’ sees him deliver his best work yet, with 10-tracks brimming with brilliance and superb collaborations. The LP is being housed on Music For Love International, and drops on 25th March, 2022.

If there’s one central theme that circles around the LP, it’s the encapsulation of Wyze’s come up, his journey, and the moments that have defined his undeniable success.

Vanity Before Wyze is about personal growth on the road to success and becoming a wiser person. It’s also the meaning behind my stage name Vanity Wyze. I’m not the same person I was before.”

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