MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK – Christine Lee unleashes ‘Take It Up’ a high energy video showcasing Christine along with a group of young dancers.

Christine Lee is back with her brand new music video for her single “Take It Up.”, which premiered on Celeb Secrets. The 15-year-old singer’s latest song and visual will have you dancing for the rest of the Summer, and then some.

The upbeat dance song will take you on a journey of letting go of whatever is holding you back in life, and encourage you to go after something bigger and better.

Christine hopes “Take It Up” will encourage others to challenge them selves and find what is best for them. Speaking with Celeb Secrets, Christine says, “It could mean letting go of self-doubt and learning to be more confident. It might mean getting over shyness and performing all out. It might mean something as simple as creating your own dance and letting loose on the dance floor.”

Directed by Spencer D. Evans of Spirinity Productions, the high energy video showcases Christine along with a group of young dancers. The bright colors attract you in and before you know it, you will be dancing too.

Christine says, “The best part of making the music video was getting to perform on set with all the awesome dancers and musicians. Everyone was so passionate and dedicated, and their energy pumped me up and inspired me to perform my best!”

“Take It Up” is available on all streaming platforms.

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