Simon Cowell has sarcastically apologised to One Direction for making them mega stars


Simon Cowell has sarcastically apologised to One Direction for making them mega stars.

The British boyband, formed on Simon’s TV talent show The X Factor in 2010, started their hiatus in January (16), and have quickly moved on to new projects. However most of the band, comprising Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan, no longer seem interested in their former mentor’s help, and have branched out on their own with solo ventures.

“I hear so many things now, which they’re doing, which I’m not involved with,” Simon reportedly told British newspaper The Mirror at the final of America’s Got Talent.

“It’s a bit like I’m getting the hint you don’t want me to come to the party. Sorry for making you famous…”

Since starting their break, Harry has embarked on a Hollywood career after being cast in Christopher Nolan’s movie Dunkirk and Liam and Niall have signed solos record deals with Capitol and Universal respectively, both rival labels to Simon’s Syco record company.

“Look, I’m not going to lie when I hear they’re doing something, and they haven’t approached me. You think, ‘Well I would have liked you to,’ but it’s their choice. I’m not bitter – much,” he added.

The 56-year-old music mogul has also recently spoken about Zayn Malik, who quit One Direction in March 2015, and his decision to create a One Direction-inspired TV show with producer Dick Wolf and Universal Television.

“Nothing surprises me anymore,” Simon told Entertainment Tonight. “I think he should have come to me with it, if I’m being honest with you… I do actually believe that when they’ve got these ideas, bearing in mind where we started, they should actually come to me.”

Zayn has a book in the pipeline as well, titled Zayn, due out in November.


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