‘Luca Draccar’ takes a ‘Dave Ball’ experimental approach to new ‘Flamboyant’ EP

The Berlin-based Italian producer Luca Draccar weaves a melodic fairy-tale of suspense, dismay, and triumph with the release of his newest EP Flamboyant.

This 3-track treasure chest is imbued with vigorous rhythms and enthralling artistry. Luca Draccar is heavily devoted to the realms of trance and dark exotic grooves. Flamboyant is a testimony of his ever-evolving creative guise.

Flamboyant begins by rubbin th magical lamp of Birba. This eclectic composition starts off with a hard-hitting drum sequence and traditional house keyboarding, but transitions through a rabbit hole of dreams into a percussive treadmill a the bass drops. The track’s hazy atmosphere is a direct result from its warm melody.

Birba is welded together thickly by a solid groove with slightly variations as its focus is to keep us enchanted by its hypnotic gnosis.

Every Exit Is An Entrance shows off its own brand of testosterone and enables a picture-board sound that is a consistent element throughout Flamboyant. The progressive drum pattern and fluctuatingsynth will surely grab you by the ear.

Every Exit Is An Entrance has slightly dark overview that makes this voyage all the more interesting. Never Settle is a powerhouse of inspiration. Its chords o musical endurance and octagon bass will surely reinvent the world of the listener.

Luca Draccar rides upon the edge of this dark groove with crafty arrangements and a routine formula to expect the

The festive drumming works hand-in-glove in this cyber jungle where the sun shines its musical intensity within the boundaries of an accelerating tempo. Never Settle is a perfect way to end this fairytale.

Flamboyant Cover  Luca Draccar 9-min


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