‘Kyunchi’ makes a bold fashion and art statement with his upcoming release

Kyunchi is a brand new independent “ do it yourself” (DIY) artist. He is not affiliated with any music label yet and has a strong vision in the J-Pop and K-Pop markets.

In his own words he says “My dream is to share my love for Japan with the world and show a lot of interesting things that people have never seen. I want to shock and surprise people and spread my unique art throughout the world like a kawaii virus”

Kyunchi’s bold and global vision is performing art in connection with J-pop, K-pop and kawaii inspired music. He is very creative artistically and says “I eventually see myself on the big stage performing for a large crowd around the world”.

Kyunchi’s music focuses on Asian market and his pop star character and image is a unique, mix of Harajuku fashion, anime/manga and kawaii which makes him unique to the market and starting a trend as normally it’s only girl or boy bands.


To date Kyunchi has dropped 4 singles released including Beauty Guru Fantasy (BGF), Kyunchi Shopping Spree (KSS), Regina George (RG) and Murakami.

He is currently working on the J-pop song “Shibuya 109” which will be partially in English and Japanese. The cover for this song is done by Japanese artist Mitsume @3eyes_takahashi.

 “Shibuya 109” is due for release later in the year.

Kyunchi was recently invited to perform at the event for Downtown Alliance.  

Stay Tuned for more pop news about Kyunchi


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