‘Karmic Blues’ is a full length album from Ajay Srivastav featuring the single ‘Six Arm Goddess’. The music industry at the moment in 2019 is full of screaming Wannabee’s shouting out about how big and important they are and bragging about their fake likes.

The problem is are any of them John Lennon ? or Jim Morrison ? or Ravi Shankar ? No it’s the same old rubbish with no vision, just fame and likes on their mind.

This album and artist is not that. It’s different, unique and quite inspired. True artists just do what they do and are on their own visionary journey. Then they get discovered and get famous for actually being good.

Ajay is on a journey. He always has been. It’s his destiny and then the people listen. This shows in his creative, artistic and worldly productions and lush melodies and this single ‘Six Arm Goddess’ could have been the follow up to ‘My Sweet Lord’ by you know who.

This lightened up our day and is a real breath of fresh positive air in a crazy Internet World. The Music Times gives it a hefty 9/10. for it’s pure listening quality and Om Shanti vibes. So we are not surprised it has hit the No 1 spot at Amazon.

Karmic Blues, the debut album by Ajay Srivastav, hits the No.1 spot on the Amazon Blues Album charts the weekend of its release.

British singer songwriter Ajay Srivastav’s first album as a solo artist is a blend of Delta Blues and Indian Folk. The album ‘Karmic Blues’ was forged during a trip to Ajay’s ancestral home in Varanasi ‘the holy city of India’ and speaks about his identity in a challenging world.

Ajay’s laid-back style flows from the banks of the Delta Blues which influenced him as a child, to the ghats of the Ganges, where he learnt raags from the gurus. The combination of these influences, together with his meditative lyrics is what he has dubbed ‘Karmic Blues.’

AJay Amazon Best Seller

Ajay’s latest single from the album is called ‘Six Arm Goddess’. It features his distinctive sound of slide guitar, tabla and drone. The video was choreographed by Geetha Sridhar – Bharatnatyam mentor from BBC Young Dancer !

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Album Reviews:

“A masterclass in soulful and reverential fusion”

Folk and Honey

“Quite simply sublime, the album Karmic Blues is one of the best releases of 2019.”

Rock Radio UK

“Deep down there is a trance like quality to both musical styles that are wedded together so well here. Ajay has a wonderful playing style on his resonator guitar, and this is where the real synthesis lies. It is also what makes the album a real pleasure.”

Spiral Earth

“His new collection of songs, Karmic Blues is such a breath of fresh air – normally, a reviewer might say “for fans of…” but in this case, nothing sounds like it or feels like it. And ‘feels’ is an important word in the context of this album, because rarely have I ever heard a body of work suffused with such spirituality. A bold experiment, and one of the most unusual and inventive albums I’ve heard for many years.”

Tap The Feed online magazine

“Think Ben Harper having a late-night jam with George Harrison just after he came back from a sitar lesson with Ravi Shankar.

2019 Gig dates:

21 May – Live session and interview, Wey Valley Radio

26 May Boxmoor Canal Festival

9 June – Bracknell Festival

16 June – Great Massingham Social Club, Great Massingham

25 June – Fiery Bird, Woking

30 June – The Islington

6 July – Woking party in the Park

20 July – Upton Blues Festival

3 August – Brighton Marina

18 August – South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell

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