‘Jalal Sunstrum’ releases new single ‘Solomon’s Judgement’ ( All is Vanity )

With a diverse background, it perhaps comes as no surprise that Jalal Sunstrum’s music offers a unique feel and sound that’s typically unlike any other – something that undeniably has influenced his songs to this day.

However, it isn’t just his culture and life experiences that have inspired his work. Indeed, at the age of fifteen, Jalal took his first steps in the musical world when he joined a local Bahá’í choir; however, it was actually six years prior, at the tender of age of nine, when words and their power first captivated him. Indeed, Jalal had always had a passion for poetry. With this in mind, he dedicates his first poem at the age of nine as the foundation for his future endeavors and musical career.

Along with his varied career in the musical field over the years, working in a wide array of different musical genres, Jalal has worked in various other roles, including as director and writer for a multi-media show. Furthermore, he’s never lost his love for poetry; indeed, his poems are available in French and English in audio format, published by Anghami UAE.

Recently, Jalal Sunstrum launched his newest single, Solomon’s Judgement. The song was co-written by himself and Franco-Quebecois Reno Sensal, and distributed by Ditto UK – the same brand famous for propelling Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran from anonymity and into stardom. As such, we hope Jalal’s career continues to grow and prosper, and we wish this talented artist all the best with any future songs he writes and publishes. We’ll certainly be watching with interest to see how they perform, too!

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