Influenced by Selena, Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings, Mexican-American ‘Unique’ releases new single ‘Fuego’

Mexican-American, Nashvillian, originally from Houston, by way of Durango, CO, Unique brings a multitude of musical influences into her own music. With a rich history of Tejano and Country music she has been influenced by the likes of Selena, Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Cash, and Waylon Jennings.

With a rebel spirit and a stubbornness to do what she wants and not care what people think, she breaks musical genre barriers. Her latest release, Fuego is a perfect example of that. She blends Country and Rock effortlessly with an overall anthemic Pop tone; and of course she throws in a little nod to her Hispanic culture by bringing her own ‘unique’ spicy sizzle like a jalapeño to a margarita. This girl is on ‘fuego’!

Fuego is the official #summeranthem for 2022!. Fuego is a get-the-party started kind of a song. Unique says “I am a fiery Latina and wanted to bring some of my Latina sizzle into Country music. I am a bull-headed trailblazer and I like to forge my own path in life and in music. I don’t like to be told what to do or confined in anyway so when I was advised to “pick one genre and stick to it”, I picked three! LOL. Fuego is Country, Rock, and Pop with a little added Latin sizzle! When I wrote the song, I knew I wanted to create a summer anthem and I thought to myself, “What is the most anthemic song ever?” … QUEEN (We Will Rock You)! So I began the songwriting process with the stomp, stomp, clap. That’s how the fire was kindled and the Fuego emerged”.


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