Expanding his palette with an acoustic groove, Geoff Gibbons unleashes new folk rock single ‘Follow You’


The veteran troubadour branches out into Radio friendly acoustic pop with irresistibly hooky new song ”Follow You”.

Vancouver based singer/songwriter Geoff Gibbons has spent decades in the music industry, establishing a reputation as one of Canada’s best kept secrets with his soulful singing voice and evocative Americana tinged songwriting.

On his newest single “Follow You,” he expands his palette with an acoustic groove that would sound at home as easily on college radio as it would in a small folk club.

With its breezy, reggae/R&B influenced rhythms, “Follow You” is an instant crowd pleaser, with each hook catchier than the last. Gibbons’ poetic voice is as strong as ever, singing about enjoying a view from “a table on the moon,” making the surreal imagery sound natural and romantic. Settling into a comforting and reaffirming chorus, Gibbons brings the song to a satisfying conclusion, singing with rare honesty and conviction.

Many years into his career, “Follow You” shows that Gibbons is unafraid of taking artistic risks. The rewards here are worth it, with a track that will delight longtime fans, and win over new ones.

Follow You” is available everywhere Oct. 25, 2019


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/geoffgibbonsmusic

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