Carroll Love is back on the scene with a new studio release: More Than 90 Proof.

We’ve all seen unique experiences in life, and for Carroll Love, this is something that began at a very early age. Indeed, from the age of three years old, he learned to cope with hardship and struggles after his parents’ divorce and would often cling to music as a source of inspiration and soothing music. This is something that he has clung to throughout the remainder of his life, and this neverending passion has eventually led him to write and perform his very first song, More Than 90 Proof.

More Than 90 Proof is a captivating and mesmerizing song, intended to share the raw, genuine side of human emotions. This is a powerful and bold step to take with country music, in which such topics are so rarely covered. Nevertheless, the song is undeniably a success, triggering powerful emotions in all who hear the captivating melody and lyrics.

Carroll Love’s interest in music was something that was nurtured particularly by his grandparents, who taught him to sing from a young age. However, it wasn’t until last August that he took the leap and decided to write his own song – but we are so glad that he did.

His unique sound, coupled with real, powerful influences and emotions within his music, makes his songs unlike any other. With this in mind, we can’t wait to see how Carroll Love’s career continues to develop, and we’ll be eagerly anticipating more from him once he releases the next singles from his book of upcoming songs.

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