Backed by a strong band of local musicians,’The Birds’ is the new single from ‘Terence George And The Shakies’

‘The Birds’ is the new release from ‘Terence George And The Shakies’.

Terence George is a musician born and bred on the Isle of Man, backed by strong band of local musicians. His prolific songwriting and strong vocal has started grabbing the attention of people from all over the world, covering genres of folk, Rock, psychedelic Rock and even funk.

From start to finish “The birds” builds dynamically and takes you on a journey. Strong organ, fingerpicking guitars and melodic bass lines all backing a catchy and melodic vocal. He says “I started writing this at 6am walking home from a party after hearing the sound of the birds.. I just thought “not again..”. But all of the sudden this song started forming in my head so I ran home and carried on writing it until it was finished”.

Instagram: @TerenceGeorgeMusic

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