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Out of $30 Billion dollars of the revenue generated in the music industry, 85-90% gets paid to legacy systems such as record labels, streaming platforms, DSP’s and more. The majority of the music industry is controlled by legacy institutions which presents the following problems for artists:

Lack of exposure for unsigned artists.
▪ Lack of access to industry professionals is a
problem prevalent with new artists
▪ Lack of transparency
▪ Poor distribution value
▪ Artist promotion can be an expensive enterprise

Music creators, tastemakers, and music lovers take time to promote music and hardly reap any benefits. Bliiink Music believes contributors to the music industry deserve a fair share. Bliiink is a community of artists, tastemakers, and music lovers who connect with the power of fresh music. They bring opportunities for upcoming talented artists while supporting the creative needs of their tastemakers.

Their unique interface will make it easy for people in the music industry to interact and connect with others they have a problem reaching otherwise. Bliiink Music have streamline the workload by making sure you gain access to the music you love. Talk about making music discovery easier and fun.

They also help you monetize through their internal payment systems with a clearly defined transparent system. As well as the strategic marketing approach they plan to utilise. Bliiink Music use the latest technology such as blockchain, AI, and you, the music lover, to make it happen.

The team behind Bliiink has experience working in the music industry and knows what changes are needed. Their
philosophy is for lasting change to happen, every member of the music community must work together

For the first time in history, the faith of the music industry lies in the hands of those that truly care. Bliiink Music App has thoughtfully curated playlists that will give you the best musical experience.

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Bliiink Music is a community of artists, influencers, and music lovers who connect with the power of fresh music. They bring opportunities for upcoming talented artists while supporting the creative needs of our influencers.

Bliiink Music are committed to providing a spotlight to the emerging talents of the music industry by sharing their work with our network of top-notch influencers. They work with Artists and Curators to create and promote their music that will win the hearts of users.

Do you want the world to listen to your music?

Join Bliiink & be a musician that stands out from the crowd! They provide you with assured feedback from leading music experts that will drive reach and plays onto your music. Their featured songs get thousands to million plays and receive the acknowledgement it deserves.

Become a Bliiink influencer & get the Music You Want!

Spot the artist and help to shape the future of music. Bliink is the source for fresh music covering almost all the trending genres from emerging artists. Here you have a chance to showcase your expertise in music with your target audience.

Listen to Bliiink Music & Stay Musically-driven!

From popular tracks to new music to debut album that spans the entire spectrum of musical genres, Biiink Music discover the most promising and emerging artists every day so that you get to listen to trending music and cheer yourself up musically.

Tastemaker benefits on Bliiink

A simple interface for interacting and connecting.
You set your fees.​
We charge 0% of what you earn. 
A well-defined & transparent payment system.
The choice to be involved in the decision-making on the platform. 
You receive rewards for your activities.


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