The fantastic ‘Alexander Wood’ brings back the style, attitude, glamour, fashion and music of the 80’s with his new drop ‘1984 220 KID Remix’

Alexander Wood is an exciting emerging talent in London. The French-American singer/songwriter and composer has been performing in Europe on stage and TV in productions like Grease, and is now working in London on the launch of his new anthemic single ‘1984’ and E.P full of deep house and synth-pop influences. There have been many artists over the years that have emulated the look and sound of the 80’s, which was the best decade for fashion, glamour and music. Look at the NME’s attempt to launch a “New Romo” movement using bands like Plastic Fantastic, DexDexter and Orlando as poster boys. The only problem was that they may have attempted to look and emulate the part, but the music was very far from the acts they were trying to emulate like Japan, Duran Duran, Soft Cell, Steve Strange and Visage, Boy George, Marilyn, Eurythmics, Spandau Ballet, Adam and the Ants , Depeche Mode and more. Alexander Wood was not born in the 80’s and has no intention of becoming the new 80’s pioneer. However, his style, fashion, lyrics and music bring back that exciting feeling of the 80’s and it’s about time pop stars dressed up again and made a bold and fun statement with their music. “Wake me up when it’s 1984” Alexander sings on the new drop ‘220 KID Remix’ which is currently getting club spins across the U.K and exciting major venues like ‘Ministry of Sound’. Alexander Wood’s look and sound may have fantastic 80’s colours and get you as excited as those New Romantic pioneers, but it’s not emulating or copying the 80’s and is a modern, up to date, fresh and stylish house and synth pop gem with an 80’s spark. Perhaps Alexander Wood is the new Steve Strange and could be the leader of a new movement of exciting proper pop stars who run exclusive club nights and only let in the super cool. Both ways his inventive look and music is turning heads. Alexander Wood’s fresh style and music is winning over a lot of hearts and there have been rumours that 80’s legend Leee John of Imagination may be collaborating with him in the near future and that ‘Boy George’ is a fan. The new single ‘1984’ is preceded by a hot club remix from 220 KID hitting clubs now and to be released worldwide on 12 July 2019 on UPL Music.
Alexander Wood’s previous pop-rock E.P ‘Tell Me Now’ was a chart favourite in 2018 reaching No. 20 on the Official Music Week Commercial Pop Club Charts in London. V3H 220 kid REMIX small FORTHCOMING LIVE DATES 18 July:  CONCRETE SPACE, 56 Shoreditch High St, Hackney, London E1 6JJ POP FACTS AND HISTORY OF ALEXANDER WOOD Alexander Wood, an 18 year old French-American singer, songwriter and composer, has always had an undeniable passion for music and the stage. At 18, he already has 8 years of experience and a multidisciplinary career:
  • semi-finalist in The Voice Kids France Season 1 in 2014
  • lead role in the award-winning musical Oliver Twist Le Musical in Paris in 2016
  • Doody in Grease le Musical at the Mogador Theatre in Paris in 2017-18
  • judge on France’s M6 “Together, tous avec moi”, the French adaptation of BBC’s hit TV show “All Together Now”, in 2019
In 2018 he released his first single, ‘Tell me Now’ that stormed up the official UK Music Week Commercial Pop Charts. He is currently working on the release of his new anthem single and EP full of deep house and synth-pop influences. ONLINE:

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