144 Troy- Wrong or Right: Let’s Decide

Who knew a young lad from Florida will be able to connect with hundreds of youngsters across the globe with his music? 144 Troy is that guy! An aspiring artist with a magical voice, he knows how to beautiful craft his thoughts into words, communicating his feelings and connecting with millions through it.

From hip-hop to R7B, from pop to Reggaeton, 144 Troy has mastered various niches, making each one sound like his best. In addition, since everyone loves his compositions, he has come up with a new song that you’ll surely be able to connect with!

Who is Right and Who is Wrong?

What is the biggest dilemma of relationships today? Lack of communication and understanding leads to breaks up over petty issues. Moreover, not just this, but ego too sparks the fire.

Moreover, because 144 Troy has to go through a break, he understands the pain. The heartache that needs to be talked about. The lad has very well dealt with the problem of fights between a couple and how the blame game never ends. How the ego does not let you accept your mistake and blame the other for your actions.

The song is about how these petty fights weaken a relationship and when the love vanishes, it all ends in heartache. 144 Troy wanted the youngsters to understand that in a relationship, there is no wrong or right. The couple needs to stand taller than this and hence, his composition musically delivers the beautiful message.

Stop the Blame Game

144 Troy has always created unique songs, ones that are full of emotions and help connect with the audience. He has always tried to highlight the problems of a “modern couple” and how they need to maintain the love within them.

Wrong or Right is that one song that makes you understand what true love is and how difficult it is to find your soulmate. In addition, once you do, these fights do not matter. Who is right and who is wrong does not matter.

What matters is your love and your relationship, which is above all. Hence, stop the blame game and respect each other. Hold tight to your bond and do not lose it over something small. 144 Troy has used his magical voice to speak up for the youngsters who have suffered heartache through the years and are still struggling.

Wrong or Right is your song! A song that will speak to you and for you. It is a beautiful composition waiting to connect with you and make you understand how rare it is to feel loved and when you find the right one, do not let the go because of the blame game.

Troy tells you through his music that both are wrong and both are right and even if at times you are right, there is no harm in accepting being wrong just to save your precious relationship. Hence, the song is to soothe all those who have struggled through heartbreak.


Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IYhfS7RwSk
Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/6aeLpQQDnwadWztxDIY74h?si=a39ii2_3TyaBkE_i_hqzFg

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