Crossing over a mix of genres such as souful R&B with hints of pop, ‘TaniA Kyllikki’ releases new single ‘Rare’

TaniA Kyllikki shares her love with fiance and music partner as being RARE in her new single taken from her upcoming album WHY Sharing teasers on her socials TaniA Kyllikki has premiered her brand new single (RARE) and is now available to download and stream worldwide. RARE serves as the 3rd single from the songstress this year taken from her upcoming album WHY which is also due for release on November 30th. “Co-written by (TaniA Kyllikki and Garry D Hairston) TaniA’s new single RARE has something enchanting about it.” Based on a true love story about finding her soulmate the kind of love that most will spend a life time seeking to find.

At first glance TaniA really grabs your attention with her innocent pose as if she is lost in thought thinking about her new found love. The music for RARE is a R&B slow jam with atmospheric haunting pads with smooth guitar under tones and low kickdrum to it. Add this to how TaniA delivers the right emotion in her known for soft angelic whisper tones in the verses and whistle notes in just the right place’s, followed by her warm vocal harmonies in the verses and choir harmonizing in the climactic part of the song, this gives TaniA the potential of a hit in the making. Being a versatile singer with impressive vocal range that includes the whistle register.

TaniA shows rich lower tones in her heartfelt original song (WHY) including her Toni Braxton cover of (unbreak my heart) and a well controlled upper register reaching E6 in (RARE) and F6 with ease in her cover of (Loving you) by minnie riperton. “Following the success from her previous self penned single releases this year!” The powerful heartfelt ballad also named (WHY) that raises awareness about emotional domestic abuse is still moving and has reached over half a million in downloads streams and views between all platforms it’s on. “Supported by popular UK music Magazine (New Music Times) TaniA was made the face of the July issue.” Effectively crossing over a mix of genres such as souful R&B with hints of pop and even poprea element’s into her music (Lie with me) being one of them.

( Remind me ) “presented to the world by R&B star (Ne-Yo)” on TaniA Kyllikki social’s, still continues to climb in popularity. Including the most recent remix release of (Remind me) in September by “UK London based DJ music producer (Jo Paulo.)” This song showed a more fun side to TaniA Kyllikki being a club anthem for women to call the shots with lyrics that expresses a sexy strong confident woman who is unapologetic about all her missed desires for guilty pleasures. TaniA Kyllikki and her team have made a bold yet clever move here to combine genres such as Pop, Popera and R&B together.

But they have managed to pull this off surprisingly well. Bringing all the right elements in the music so they sit well together in with TaniA’s versatile vocals and great story telling in her lyrics. TaniA has shown us through her astounding discography and covers to have great tone and control over her voice. She is able to hold your attention well by achieving amazing vocal acrobatics with plenty of emotion to them due to her solid vocal technique.

This gives you excited anticipation of what to expect from her upcoming album also named (WHY) that has sure promise of bringing unique phenomenal story telling with plenty of emotion from TaniA’s powerful vocal dynamics. We look forward to the musical journey TaniA’s upcoming album (WHY) is sure to take us on this November 30th 2021.


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