‘Oh Happy Day’ singer Edwin Hawkins dies

dwin Hawkins, the four-time Grammy® Award-winning leader of The Edwin Hawkins Singers’ 1969 million-seller, “Oh Happy Day,” died January 15th at his home in the Bay area, after a bout with pancreatic cancer. He was 74 years old.

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The brand new single from ‘Lucuis’ is ‘The Wayland Fall”, Mastered by Paul Godfrey of Morcheeba and is out now on Brain Bomb Productions

Lucius first began his journey into sound allowing the ear of intuition to guide him through the incredible tapestry of music available to us. From playing piano classics at 6 to listening to the 1st wave of electro boogaloo on 7 inch vinyl by age 7, Lucius soon developed a keen ear covering a broad range of music.

The year was 1990 when Lucius was invigorated by pirate radio stations and huge underground events that heaved with the cosmic onslaught of strange shamanic awakenings that took the world by storm. There was something significant about this period, where the possibilities had opened up to allow something raw, tribal, edgy & infectious to come back into the lives of so many souls.

In 1994 Lucius moved across the south coast and became a performer. After witnessing some of the greatest turntable talents and comparing this with the time spent deeply unimpressed by commercial clubs offerings, Lucius decided it was time to go for gold with a DJ set technics 1210 & armed with a collection of vinyl that unbeknown to Lucius would be the start of a trip like fear & loathing in LA and human traffic rolled into one.

As time went by more parties, gigs and events took place as everyone experienced a big appetite for the bold new sounds that were emerging. Lucius enjoyed many incredible days and nights as a DJ smashing up dance floors with cutting edge sounds to keep the best crowds deeply involved in the process of letting go of accepted reality.

Many great specialist events grew out of this work such as The VURT, Geushky Sunday Sessions and Nocturnal Emissions to name a few.

Lucius played his first hand at developing and providing input to projects with the ‘Binary Finery team’ and shortly after Binary Finery experienced their first great success with the renowned 1998 Trance smasher of a tune that went down as 16th biggest dance tune of all time in Mix Mag.

Over 2 decades Lucius has produced countless remixes, achieved Radio and club plays of his high energy dance & electronic productions along with 3 albums in the downbeat & chill out variety.

Several productions where produced on several digital studio platforms built to shift the future studio production reference bar. Lucius says “Building a studio platform is never a small commitment, every time you face the challenge of re-architecting the way you get the human creative process engaged with technology to bring about a better outcome you are signing up to a lot of hours of research, experimentation and then build deploy & run that environment”.

Lucius is the UK Artist and brand behind ‘The Wayland Fall’ & follow up Trip Hop EP.

Lucius has released several previous albums in the Electronica, downbeat, break beat, hip hop, trip hop and lounge genres.

His music has been described as ‘Deep, seething, staring, moody, sweet, cerebral, haunting, mysterious, powerful, enchanting and moving’ with influences ranging from DJ Shadow, DJ Food, Aim, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Cold Cut, The Crystal Method, Thivery Corporation, The Herberliser, Massive Attack, David Holmes, Leftfield, Portishead and Morcheeba.

The brand new single from ‘Lucuis’ is ‘The Wayland Fall”, Mastered by Paul Godfrey of Morcheeba and is out now on Brain Bomb Productions.



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New single ‘Corinthian’ from ‘The Lincoln Experience’ hits the NO 1 spot with worldwide Tastemaker DJ’s

Music News Flash: Corinthian from The Lincoln Experience has hit NO 1 on the global Kings of Spins Tastemaker DJ Chart run by BBC Radio One Essential mix creators.


The Lincoln Experience  a.k.a Herbert Manning is a writer, producer & performer who was born in West London.

Herbert grew up in the 1950’s in Soho of London, spending his time roaming the opium fuelled jazz clubs, gaining a sleepy conscious to mayhem & constraint in the fractions of impulsive expressionism. He says “My mother being a Lady of the Night vaguely believes my father to be a German cobbler working in the area around about that time”.

In the 70’s Herb spent his time cleaning up on the lazy love yearning of the disco Era with hippy hipsters flaring freedom in a Zeppelin joint and nearly had a nervous breakdown.

Through the 80’s and beyond and after too much electro power, Herbert skipped halfway across the world and is his own words “lost myself to psychedelia and an Indian peace movement where I found Buddha, now very much the calmer twilight, I have a silver lining this silver lining is the link to  experience tenacity and faith  in its purest”. This marked the birth of ‘The Lincoln Experience’.

The Lincoln Experience is a one man band with Herbert writing, singing and producing all material and describing himelf as “Soul contributor, creator & acting illuminaire of The Lincoln Experience”.


The Lincoln Experience have so far produced over 400 tracks with the brand new single ‘Corinthian’ out now.



Twitter @TheLincolnEx

Soundcloud Http://soundcloud.com/user-670489889

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Freaky Hip Hop – This is K Beats with Jumanji

Kananelo Moalusi better known by his​ ​performance name “K​.​Beats” is a South African rapper, songwriter and producer. 



K​.​Beats began rapping​ ​at the early age of 13 years and has since worked with local African artists such as Fifi​ ​and Michael and producers such as Eazzy, to name a few. 


K​.​Beats has released several​ ​Mixtapes including “Off The Top”, “Excuse the Heart” and “A.R.A.B.​


Now, K.beats releases his brand new and latest production – the gritty and exciting Hip Hop MixTape – Jumanji’. The Mixtape features Producers Eazzy, Pete Sumchin and K.Beats himself, offering a combination of styles and beats.


Jumanji showcases K.Beats versatility as an artist and features a mix of upbeat Hip Hop and melodic rap ballads.


The main plug singles ‘Bamm’ & ‘Jumanji are killer hook tracks and more gentle rhymes like ‘Letter To My Granny’ show K.Beats softer side.


Hook it in and put the volume up – This is K.Beats – JUMANJI





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Chris Blackwood

Chris Blackwood is a solo artist from Knaresborough, North Yorkshire and currently based in Manchester.

Chris Blackwood has been performing acoustically around Manchester for the last three years resulting in the release of his debut single  ‘Unwinds’, which was his first foray into electric music.

After this ‘Chris Blackwood’ went into the studio to create his self titled debut album ‘Chris Blackwood’ released in August 2017.

Getting a band together, Blackwood has begun to tour the UK including headlining the Indie Week UK Festival at Jimmy’s and future live events stretching out into Europe and America

The full band line up consists of:

Chris Blackwood – Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Tom Rowbotham – Lead guitar
Nathan Wilson – Bass guitar
Ben Robinson – Drums

His brand new single ‘The Writings on the Wall’ was produced by Dean Glover at Vibe Studios and is released on 1 December 2017. Vibe studios is run by Martin Coogan, former frontman of The Mock Turtles and brother to legendary Manchester comedian, Steve Coogan.

Chris Blackwood’s influences include Oasis, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Arctic Monkeys, Kendrick Lamar, The Smith’s and Car Seat Headrest.

Chris Blackwood’s music has been described as “Modern indie-rock that combines the music of Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes with the more introspective lyrics of Radiohead, Elliott Smith and Car Seat Headrest”.

Chris Blackwood’s self-titled debut album follows a music journey through the life of a young teen growing up in the 21st century. A concept album, every song fits into the grand narrative of a coming-of-age musical journey encompasses the early life of a small town boy.

Single Art-1

The brand new single from Chris Blackwood is ‘The Writings on the Wall’ and is out now from all good digital stores.

Live Dates

25th January 2018 at The Art of Tea in Manchester. 7pm.  A Tom Waits appreciation night, where all artists will cover Tom Waits songs. FREE ENTRY

16th February 2018 at Leeds Beckett University in Leeds. 6.30pm. A fund-raiser and networking event, with various artists playing during the night. Tickets £22




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Talk about Pop Muzik ? Robin Scott a.k.a shines in 2017 with new U.K chart hit ‘My Rescue Remedy’

Robin Scott’s recording career spans four decades. He grew up in South London and after leaving school attended Art college where he met and lived with Malcom MacLaren and Vivienne Westwood.

He displayed a talent for writing topical songs which he performed on Radio and TV during this period  which led to his first album, ‘Woman From The Warm Grass’  released on the independent label  Head Records.

He spent a period playing folk clubs as a solo artist sharing bills with emergent artists such as David Bowie and Ralph McTell. In 1972 he won the EMI ‘Search For A Star’ national talent contest but declined the deal in favour of developing a musical and working together with Malcom and Vivienne developing ideas in the ‘Let It Rock’  boutique which became the spawning ground for the Punk movement.

Scott promoted and managed R&B funk band Roogalator , producing their debut LP ËœPlay It By Ear’ on his independent label Do-It Records  as well as Adam & The Ants debut LP  ‘Dirk Wears White Sox’ in 1976/7. This led to production opportunities in Paris with Barclay records who would also release the Sex Pistols in France.

Scott’s and McLaren’s paths crossed many times in 1977/8  prompting Scott and film director Julian Temple to record a historic debut of the Slits in a Paris night club for Malcolm who was now overloaded with the Sex Pistols implosion.  This event triggered the desire to return to the studio to produce and perform again. Adopting the pseudonym ‘M’  Scott recorded and released ‘Moderne Man’ on his Do-It label in the UK and Barclay records in France.

Production projects in Paris included a band called the Spions who were Hungarian political refugees and a source of inspiration for Scott in the aftermath of the Punk. Now living in Paris with Brigitte Vinchon  a circus artist, Scott began to concentrate on delivering the quintessential commercial single with Brigitte as his backing vocalist.

‘Pop Muzik’ was a huge international hit in 1979. The album ‘New York  London  Paris  Munich’ was recorded in Montreux Switzerland and released in the UK at the end of that year.  In 1980  M’s follow-up album ‘Official Secrets’ was recorded in the UK and Dublin.

In 1981 Scott co-produced rising star Ruichi Sakamoto who approached Scott after hearing ‘Official Secrets’ and in the same year recorded his third album ‘Famous Last Words’ .

During the 80’s  Scott found a new musical direction  producing a number of African acts in Kenya  which led to the collaborative the album ‘Jive Shikisha’ in 1983/4.  Recorded in Kenya and the UK  it featured musicians from several different African states  but its release was frustrated by legal issues for some years to come despite being Scott’s most rewarding recording experience Management conflict prompted Scott to withdraw from his musical career path in favour exploring other creative avenues, which would lead back to painting  and mentoring other musicians.

It would be another decade before Scott returned to the music business to develop an online platform for DJ’s and dance producers.   Then some unreleased independent titles appeared on the ‘Life Class’ double album released on Scott’s YUP label in 2003  concurrent with an exhibition of his artwork  at the Ensign gallery in London together with other musicians and painters.

This compilation also included some early unreleased solo material.

In 2015 Scott began preparing material for his first studio album ‘ Emotional DNA’ which is out now in all good digital stores.

The single ‘My Rescue Remedy’ has been picked up by world famous DJ Mikey Gallagher ( Snow Patrol, Leona Lewis, Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound )  who has remixed the track and collaborated with Robin Scott. The single has now charted at No 10 on the official U.K Music Week Pop/Club charts.





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If you are ‘Bloodbound’ and seek ‘Life Eternal’ check out hard rockers ‘Soul Exchange’ – Review

Mervilton Records recording artist The Soul Exchange is a band that has constructed a new alchemy from the rock solid foundation of the 70’s hard rock scene.

They have taken this influence into the new millennium and have created their own unique style of metal infused  modern guitar driven hard rock  with great attention to the melodies and grand vocal arrangements.


“Sonic, dark, moody and with a powerful punch it’s the mighty ‘The Soul Exchange’ who deliver an alternative rock gem with their new single ‘Life Eternal’ with it’s chugging guitars, ominous organs and powerful vocals that are also melodic and dreamy, this is something for an epic horror movie9/10. 


The Soul Exchange was founded in 2013 by guitarist Hans von Bell, drummer Benny White and guitarist Thomas von Bell.

In 2014  the trio was joined by vocalist Erik Olofsson and Tobias Chevalier (vocals  keyboards etc). The band enjoyed success with their eponymous debut album “The Soul Exchange”  produced by the seasoned rock producer and studio engineer Mats “Limpan” Lindfors  released on January 20th  2015.

In 2016 the band underwent some personnel changes  with Daniel John joining founding members Hans & Thomas von Bell as new vocalist and also bringing in Benny White on drums and Patrik “Patte” Ekel on bass making up the present line up of The Soul Exchange.

Behind the scenes

With the new line up  the band has moved into a new direction  both musically and image wise with a different modern sound and stage image. The Soul Exchange now releases their 2nd full length album ‘Bloodbound’  produced by the renowned Swedish producer Magnus “Tank” Ljungqvist  on the Mervilton Records.

‘Bloodbound’ is a much darker and modern sounding effort  than the debut. The band claims that “this is a new era of The Soul Exchange” and that “Soul Exchange have found its sound on the 2nd release and this will be the formula going forward.

Modern hard rock with a great portion of metal influences  and most importantly  the vocal arrangements and melodies are having a major focus in The Soul Exchanges otherwise riff oriented music”.

The phrase “It is the sound of a new world being born and the louder sound of an old world being destroyed” has never been more relevant than for the new album by The Soul Exchange !

The brand new single from ‘The Soul Exchange’ is entitled ‘Life Eternal’ and is out now.



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soulexchangeofficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/soulexchange1

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-CqPilBcOUsQh3-4PrgJKQ

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Native Highway unleash powerful new track in the form of ‘Doorway’

Native Highway are a 4 piece Alternative rock band from south London.

Having been a full band for only a year, they are now ready to start releasing material. Their debut single ‘Doorway’ has already been played on Kerrang’s ‘Fresh Blood’ Radio show for number of weeks. With a number of great tracks in the bank, they are set for a good year.

The full line up consists of:

Pun Yingviriya – Vocals/Guitar
Arthur Becker – Guitar
Bruno Pinto – Bass Kevin Smith – Drums

A friendship blossomed from what started as guitar teaching work colleagues. In between lessons Pun and Arthur started exchanging ideas, this then developed into a 3 piece band with Arthur’s cousin Bruno on the bass.

What started as a side project for a few years, later became a serious outlet for music. They were then on the hunt for the drummer to fit the band, and that’s where Kevin come in.

“They have their own brand of Grunge Rock, sung through gritted teeth. It’s immersive, it’s expressive, it’s emotional music. If you love this every bit as much as I do, you’re well on your way to discovering a new favourite.” Alex Baker – Kerrang Radio.


The new single ‘Doorway’ is out now with distribution from Universal Music Operations.


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JackCity releases new single ‘Games’

JackCity is a hiphop artist based in Leeds, England.

Having gained interest via mixtape releases, JackCity has now released his first studio album entitled “Eleven”.

JackCity, aged 26 has written his music from his Leeds based studio.

JackCity is currently on tour across the country with a performance you can’t miss.
You can catch him in cities such as London, Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester and many more.

JackCity will be performing in Birmingham on the 17th of September 2017 at “The Roadhouse’and at Oxjam in Liecester on 28th October 2017.

JackCity artwork

The new single ‘Games’ from JackCity was long listed for a Glastonbury performance and is out now.

Visit www.jackcitymusic.com for more information.

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Bibbz–Let Me

Bibbz was born in one of the roughest boroughs in East London called Hackney.

Raised by a single mother he would turn to music as a way of expressing his thoughts and emotions.

Inspired by the likes of Tupac, Bob Marley, Biggie, Jay Z , Nas , R Kelly, Bibbz has created his own lane in the UK with his ability to rap and sing while painting vivid pictures through his rhymes.

Bibbz has just finished executively producing his up coming project with producers from the UK and overseas that will be dropping this year.


The new single ‘Let Me’ was produced at Sugar Cane Studios.



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